Thursday, January 28, 2010

update time

25 weeks!
So this week we had another great doctors appointment. My blood pressure is normal and I'm staying healthy! Also, i was able to hear the heart beat again which i love LOVE to hear she said Kingston heart beat was at 154. I also was giving that sugar drink for the glucose screening test i have to do. All i ever hear about is the orange soda looking one but at my doctors office they ALSO had a fruit punch drink so I'm hoping i have better luck with fruit punch:) I can go anytime for the next 3 weeks so i think i will do it next Tuesday when i don't have anything else to do... just in case its a problem. The other day we bought our baby bedding and crib which I'm so excited about. Its just simple and easy to accent with! Our plan is to have the bedding which is white, brown, and baby blue and then accent it with king crown accessories:) Being pregnant is so fun Right now. I'm actually feel pregnant and my girl friend just bought me maternity true religion jeans (which was WAY MORE THEN SHE SHOULD HAVE) and even though i still fit in MY jeans i cant wait to wear them cuz they are so cute:) Kingston has been kicking so much at night its crazy, i love to put my headphones and classical music on my belly and he just starts dancing and playing the drums on my belly. Its so cool to see my belly just jump all over the place! anyways, things are so good right now and i hope i can always enjoy this experience... even though, i still feel squished


  1. How fun to have the furniture and stuff. It sounds like it will be super cute.

  2. How cute that one day your belly chose to just pop out. So cute.