Thursday, January 28, 2010

update time

25 weeks!
So this week we had another great doctors appointment. My blood pressure is normal and I'm staying healthy! Also, i was able to hear the heart beat again which i love LOVE to hear she said Kingston heart beat was at 154. I also was giving that sugar drink for the glucose screening test i have to do. All i ever hear about is the orange soda looking one but at my doctors office they ALSO had a fruit punch drink so I'm hoping i have better luck with fruit punch:) I can go anytime for the next 3 weeks so i think i will do it next Tuesday when i don't have anything else to do... just in case its a problem. The other day we bought our baby bedding and crib which I'm so excited about. Its just simple and easy to accent with! Our plan is to have the bedding which is white, brown, and baby blue and then accent it with king crown accessories:) Being pregnant is so fun Right now. I'm actually feel pregnant and my girl friend just bought me maternity true religion jeans (which was WAY MORE THEN SHE SHOULD HAVE) and even though i still fit in MY jeans i cant wait to wear them cuz they are so cute:) Kingston has been kicking so much at night its crazy, i love to put my headphones and classical music on my belly and he just starts dancing and playing the drums on my belly. Its so cool to see my belly just jump all over the place! anyways, things are so good right now and i hope i can always enjoy this experience... even though, i still feel squished

Thursday, January 21, 2010

24 down

Yesterday we hit our big week 24 which MEANS only 14 weeks to go(remember I'm delivering at 38 weeks:))
hopefully you are impressed with how my belly is growing... i sure am:) even though i have been cooking ever night i still seem to get bigger and BIGGER!!! which I'm totally OK with:) Dave says the last 2 night Ive had too much sugar so, starting today i am back to sugar free until KINGSTON comes to play...(i have to stay healthy for him) oh and hes kicking all over the place... I LOVE IT

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

23 and counting

Like I promised I have more belly pictures to show since I am a whole week bigger and really A WHOLE WEEK BIGGER!!!! Kingston is kicking soo much and I LOVE IT!!!! Today my sister-in-law Heather and I went to BABIES-R-US and registered it was fun and im go glad she came with me because I would have had no clue of what to do or what I needed! So now I just have to get these showers rollin' and then MR. Kingston is welcome!!!! Oh and I apologise for lack of effort with the post it notes with the date, since our move i have misplaced then and dont really think of getting more when im at the store!!! Next week will be better:)
On another note my mom had her 4th surgery yesterday and we are hoping that this is the final surgery!!! All her medal was put back in and she is feeling pretty good. I love her so much and she is been such a ROCK during this whole disaster, I will keep u posted on her progression and Recovery

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freezing in FLORIDA

For christmas this year Dave and I decided to not spend the money buying eachother gifts and we would just save the money and go on a trip to SUNNY FLORIDA, as our last getaway before our little man comes! Well we made it to Florida but the sun didnt join us! It was 35 Degrees in Orlando Florida, but that didnt stop us from going to Epcot and we loved it!!! We kept talking about how fun it will be when Kingston can join us:) Because of the weather and most of our activities were outdoors, we spent a lot of time in the hotel (when dave wasnt at his training conference, which is how we got the idea to go) and hanging out!!!! Still fun but SOOOOOOOOO SOOOO COLD!! oh and as i promised my 22 WEEK pic! TOMORROW IS 23!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sorry no pictures

Unfortunatly I will not be posting a picture this week because although I am officially 22 weeks today I am too tired to take a picture and download it tonight, SO to my sisters who are the only ones that care IM SORRY!!!! However I will take one tomorrow, we are leaving for florida till next week. But let me update you a little! We are all moved into our house and I love it!! We also bought new bedding WHICH I ALSO LOVE!!! Everynight before bed I read The secrets of the baby wisperer and put headphones to my belly so kingston can enjoy some classicial music:) Dave has been so great always talking to our little man through my belly and downloading music for him to hear! ( kingston that is) Last night, Kingston listened to the music for about 40 minutes and when I turned it off he started kicking and being VERY active!!! so Dave was able to feel kicks for the first time and he was able to get a small idea of what I feel everyday! And last yes my belly is getting bigger and u will notice by my next picture!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Vacation

So much has gone on since my last post! We went to colorado to spend christmas with my family which was so fun and painful at the same time!!! Both my nephews have grown up so much and they are getting so cute! im so lucky to have them:) We did a lot of fun activities like... shopping of course, family dinner, nuggets game(which dave was able to see one of his good friends who now coaches for the nuggets) ice skating, zoo lights, of yes and of course another successful chirstmas! my family all took turnes passing along the 24 hour flu, which i happened to get it on christmas eve and day and Dave got it on the way back to utah!!!! BOO to that! but that didnt stop us from enjoying ourselves! My favorite gift was our Prayer Js. My mom gave our whole family these pjs that whenever someone in our family is struggling and we need a family prayer or fast we all wear these jammmies and will be able to bee close, although we are so far away! THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER!! We even got a pair for kingston:) oh and im now 21 and a half weeks and currently feeling the most realistic kicks EVER!!! I am loving this amazing experience! We had our 20 week appointment this last week where we check the heart and brain and all the fingers and toes, everything is there and PERFECT! Our doctor told us that Kingston is 14-15 oz and that she thinks we will deliver closer to May 12th (2 days earlier). Also, this week we moved into a newer nicer house that im totally obsessed with! Its more US and now I can start planning and creating Kingstons room!!! I am having a hard time with all the baby bedding and crib stuff... any ideas let me know!!! Untill next time HAPPY NEW YEAR