Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

I feel overwhelmed at this very moment, thinking of everything in my head that I'm thankful for. My heart is full and i feel blessed to share with the people i love my gratitude for them. I want to start by telling everyone that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday ever, because everyone seems to be just a little less selfish and a little more thoughtful. A little less mad and a little more calm. This holiday bring out the best in people and that's why i love it. For those of you that know MY FAMILY, we have a very special holiday tradition that has been going strong for YEARS. We enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner and then go bowling, and for the last couple of years we have dressed up in costumes and go bowling. Everyone stares while we laugh dance and take pictures. This year I get to spend OUR FIRST Thank giving with husbands family. I will be doing the cooking, 'some' of the cooking and making a new tradition with my NEW family... although i am with the husbands family, they have agreed to go bowling so i can keep both traditions going strong. (but we wont be dressing up) :) I'm grateful for the family I'm spending this day with. Both of Dave's brothers are amazing men and are wonderful to their wives. They have welcomed me with open arms from the moment i entered this family. My sister in-laws are amazing as well. We've connected so quick and i feel like they aren't in laws... just sisters. I'm grateful for my family in Colorado. I have the most amazing parents and siblings. I miss them every second I'm not with them. I love the people they are and the people they've become. I love the people they've married. My little family of 6 has grown to 12 with a new brother in law in February and a little niece in April. I cant wait until Christmas so I can fight and argue with them again:) I'm grateful for the opportunity to do what i love from my home. I'm very passionate about hair and I love helping women (and men) feel beautiful. Being able to be home and still get downstairs to play hair seems like the perfect combo, id say. I'm grateful for the gospel and my savior Jesus Christ. I have been shown the most powerful miracle this year by being able to grow a human in my stomach and deliver him perfectly. With no flaws on him. Those 9 months felt like a life time but looking back on that very short time, i know that i was given that opportunity because heavenly father granted me that chance. because of him ALL IS POSSIBLE. I am so thankful that my dad joining the church when he was 20 and taught that golf class, that my mom happened to be in. I'm so thankful for the silly personality she has that caught my dads eye. in thankful that my dad asked my mom to marry him in the temple, knowing they would have to wait 6 month. And I'm thankful that they demanded to raise us kids in the church. The feeling i get from the church is a feeling Ive never felt before. Its the most powerful feeling which proves to me that i belong to the true church. I'm grateful to be a "Mormon" and to have the desire to raise my children the way my parents did me. And LAST, I'm SOOOOOO incredibly grateful for my family of 3. My husband is my best friend and i love him so much. I love the person he is and the growth we have made together, I'm Thankful for the efforts he makes to bring home the bacon. He is the most amazing strength coach and i love how much he loves it. and mostly i love how wonderful of a dad is he. Its easy to be a father but it takes a lot to be a DAD. He totally is a dad. he is the best dad a child could ask for. He loves his son so much and i love him for that. I AM SOOO THANKFUL FOR KINGSTON. everything about him, everything he does. i love him so much. I believe wit all my heart that he is our angel that has come to earth to build and strengthen our family. He has brought so much joy in our lives and his smile is contagious. Looking at him and the innocence he has makes me want to be better. I couldn't have dreamed for a better son to join our family. He is the light of our lives and I'm so grateful that Kingston picked Dave and i to be his parents and to raise him. I feel complete and I'm thankful to be able to show my gratitude because none if this would be what it is with out the man up stairs and because of that i will praise him eternally.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My baby is 6 months and 15 days old and he crawling everywhere. He is also pulling himself onto the couch or crib or anything else he can get his hands on. He thinks he is so strong that when he pulls himself up he then let's go and falls. Ha that makes king so mad( he's a determined little guy.... Wonder where he get that) it's was like 2 weeks ago that he was army crawling and now he's crawling all over and standing himself up. We unfortunately are also hearing him cry a lot more, since he is falling and hitting his head on everything. We have pillows on every part of the wall and things covering the little holes so he won't crawl through but he still manages to find a way to get hurt. His favorites right now are, the door stopper so he's constantly flicking test thing so hr van hear the noise, every cord, our Christmas tree we just put-up, pulling my hair, and as we speak he is trying to eat my toes. This is the life huh.

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The best daddy out there

Yum yum sweet peas

So much for this

I also just finished my last days at remedez so I will be able to stay home with my chunk monk. we have set up a salon in my basement so I can do what I love at home and be with the ones I love. I'm very grateful for this opportunity. Good bye to my remedez crew. Love u

Monday, November 1, 2010

How old is he???

This is true my baby is 6 months old. I can't even believe it at all. The time as already flew by and valuable time is passing as I blog about him. I am truly honored that heavenly father gave Dave and I the chance to parent this beautiful human. He has rocked our world and blessed our lives to the fullest degree. I wouldn't want it another way. He gives us one smile and we feel the warm and fuzzies, he gives us a giggles and our lives feel complete. God has sent an angel to our family to help us spiritually and keep our family whole. Kingston has taught us so much about ourselves and we are so lucky to have him. As I watch him try to crawl and watch his baby Einstein, I can imagine how I felt the day king joined our family and my heart swells up and teArs come to my eyes. For the last 6 months I have felt challenged in so many ways. how to get him to sleep through the night, figuring out his cries, deciding when it's time to switch to formula, calm his sadness, and finding the most ways to make him smile, help him learn to roll, and crawl and soon walk. I am thankful for this opportunity to be a mom and thankful for the helpful hands on dad by my side. We are so grateful for this smiling beautiful child that we get to call ours. We love u Kingston. Happy 6 months old.....

And happy Halloween. Love, the incredibles

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