Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My baby is 6 months and 15 days old and he crawling everywhere. He is also pulling himself onto the couch or crib or anything else he can get his hands on. He thinks he is so strong that when he pulls himself up he then let's go and falls. Ha that makes king so mad( he's a determined little guy.... Wonder where he get that) it's was like 2 weeks ago that he was army crawling and now he's crawling all over and standing himself up. We unfortunately are also hearing him cry a lot more, since he is falling and hitting his head on everything. We have pillows on every part of the wall and things covering the little holes so he won't crawl through but he still manages to find a way to get hurt. His favorites right now are, the door stopper so he's constantly flicking test thing so hr van hear the noise, every cord, our Christmas tree we just put-up, pulling my hair, and as we speak he is trying to eat my toes. This is the life huh.

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The best daddy out there

Yum yum sweet peas

So much for this

I also just finished my last days at remedez so I will be able to stay home with my chunk monk. we have set up a salon in my basement so I can do what I love at home and be with the ones I love. I'm very grateful for this opportunity. Good bye to my remedez crew. Love u

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