Saturday, October 23, 2010

Play dates

Kingston had two play dates. One was with his future girlfriend paislee and the second was with his bff ryker. Kingston loves playing with other babies. As u can see he always wants to give them kisses;) this is so fun for a mom to see him start interacting... As much as he can. We love these babes and their mamas of course

So handsome

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

St George

I have this love/ hate relationship with St. George. It's a beautiful relaxing place to spend a couple of days but that's it. I went to Dixie and was on the college soccer team, it was a short and not so sweet experience. I am trying to rekindle the old flame that I know was once there. This past weekend we snuck away to hang out with some of dave's family. We went shopping, a little swimming, a little sun, the guys played golf, and a lot of chillin.( and of course a lot of football) I loved this weekend and I love the company. I think my hate towards St. George is fading. Enjoy the photos!!


Love this pic

Isnt this a handsome kid

Lil king loves to swim

Tay was really enjoying this

These 2 love each other

Love uncle Tim
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Monday, October 11, 2010

What does a gorilla say?

Saturday we took kingston to the hogle zoo for the first time. I think it was more of a treat for the hub and I. It was a bit chilly, which actually worked out for our benefit. There was no traffic and all the animals were out. We think that Kingston was in shock the whole time because he hardly moved a muscle. There was an elephant show going on that was actually pretty cool. The mama phant;) played the harmonica and they feed them the same bread I eat. It made me quite proud. We also got a great view of the giraffes as u can see. The closest thing to a reaction was when we saw the gorillas. He leaned against the bars in amazement and just watched his/ her every move. We had a great time and love showing our little king the world. I know he's soaking everything in and can't wait to see more.

My sweet blue eyes boy

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's been a while since ive done a likes and dislikes about kingston and since he's changing so much I better do it before it changes again
But first.....

These two are best friend

Dave loves his boy so much, and Kingston loves every second spent together. Dave takes him on walks everyday and finds new ways to make him smile. Kingston stares at daddy with a huge grin on his face hoping Dave will notice so he can stand up real tall or wiggle around the ground or even bounce in his bouncer really fast, all hoping to make his dad proud of him. I am so lucky that my 2 boys have the bond that they do.

Kingstons likes: his jungle bouncer
Making loud noises
Talking in a loooow deep voice
Rolling over
Smiling as mommy and daddy
Skipping down the stairs
Going on walks(he sits up like a big boy now)
Drinking apple juice
Watching baby Einstein and your baby can read
Rubbing daddies hair
Sucking mommys face off
When daddy does his horsey voice
Reading stories
Bath time
Trying to crawl
Getting tickled
And laughing of course

His swing
His binkey
Getting lotioned up after the bath
Still not much he doesn't like.

My baby is 5 months and 4 days old