Thursday, October 21, 2010

St George

I have this love/ hate relationship with St. George. It's a beautiful relaxing place to spend a couple of days but that's it. I went to Dixie and was on the college soccer team, it was a short and not so sweet experience. I am trying to rekindle the old flame that I know was once there. This past weekend we snuck away to hang out with some of dave's family. We went shopping, a little swimming, a little sun, the guys played golf, and a lot of chillin.( and of course a lot of football) I loved this weekend and I love the company. I think my hate towards St. George is fading. Enjoy the photos!!


Love this pic

Isnt this a handsome kid

Lil king loves to swim

Tay was really enjoying this

These 2 love each other

Love uncle Tim
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  1. I loved that you were made it such a great experience for me...i am glad that your hate portion is ya

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time. I can't believe how big your cute little guy is getting.