Monday, October 11, 2010

What does a gorilla say?

Saturday we took kingston to the hogle zoo for the first time. I think it was more of a treat for the hub and I. It was a bit chilly, which actually worked out for our benefit. There was no traffic and all the animals were out. We think that Kingston was in shock the whole time because he hardly moved a muscle. There was an elephant show going on that was actually pretty cool. The mama phant;) played the harmonica and they feed them the same bread I eat. It made me quite proud. We also got a great view of the giraffes as u can see. The closest thing to a reaction was when we saw the gorillas. He leaned against the bars in amazement and just watched his/ her every move. We had a great time and love showing our little king the world. I know he's soaking everything in and can't wait to see more.

My sweet blue eyes boy

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  1. How fun! The first time I took Beckett to the zoo, I didn't get much a reaction out of him, but the next time he loved it. He was probably around two, maybe three. Cute pictures

  2. I absolutely love the hoodie he is wearing in these photos!!