Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's been a while since ive done a likes and dislikes about kingston and since he's changing so much I better do it before it changes again
But first.....

These two are best friend

Dave loves his boy so much, and Kingston loves every second spent together. Dave takes him on walks everyday and finds new ways to make him smile. Kingston stares at daddy with a huge grin on his face hoping Dave will notice so he can stand up real tall or wiggle around the ground or even bounce in his bouncer really fast, all hoping to make his dad proud of him. I am so lucky that my 2 boys have the bond that they do.

Kingstons likes: his jungle bouncer
Making loud noises
Talking in a loooow deep voice
Rolling over
Smiling as mommy and daddy
Skipping down the stairs
Going on walks(he sits up like a big boy now)
Drinking apple juice
Watching baby Einstein and your baby can read
Rubbing daddies hair
Sucking mommys face off
When daddy does his horsey voice
Reading stories
Bath time
Trying to crawl
Getting tickled
And laughing of course

His swing
His binkey
Getting lotioned up after the bath
Still not much he doesn't like.

My baby is 5 months and 4 days old


  1. Your little family is so cute. Kingston is such a cutie. He is getting so big now. That is awesome that he loves books already. What a blessing.
    I have to tell you that my kids love me to look at your blog because you have Poker Face on your playlist and they love it. They dance around the room. So thanks for having it on there.

  2. I love the pictures of Dave holding Kind. SOOOOO sweet.