Friday, May 4, 2012

2 years later!!!

My precious little Kingston is no longer the lil baby I held in my arms and watched sleep for hours! He no longer depends on me for every thing he does or wants. Ok ok I'm totally being dramatic, but my baby is 2 years old. Just ask him, he will tell you:) I love him so much. We celebrated his birthday at jumpin' jacks with a group of friends. All he wanted was a cow cake so I got him a farm cake that was so flipping cute!!! he was spoiled with toys and had so much fun! It's fun to see him understand what's going on. We couldn't be more blessed to have the two boys that we have!!!! Happy 2nd birthday, baby boy!!!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Poor little brother

As funny as it is, I'm realizing this is only the beginning!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick catch up

So much has gone on the last couple weeks i feel so bad i havent stayed up to date with my growing boys. Cj got rsv and we spend about 2 days in the hospital but thanks to my husband and brother in law , who gave him a beautiful blessing he was able to get out of the hospital and recover quickly. King is just talking away, trying to say anything and everything he can! he loves the grouch and starting to like movies(like happy feet). With the weather being so nice we have been able to go to the park and feed the ducks. he loves that. Also, i upgraded to an Iphone so he loves doing face time. He cries every Time we have to leave. Cj's reflux is getting a little better. HE is the master of spitting up!!!! he just eats sleeps and smiles. Honestly the sweetest thing ever. Im so thankful for my boys and the joy they bring to this House.
ON sunday was Easter, Obviously, but it was also a special day for us. Dave gave Christian a name and a blessing! Im trying not to be bias but seriously my husband Gave the most beautiful blessing!!!!!!! King loves easter so much. picking up the eggs and cracking them open to see what he got... the easter bunny even brought him a DOLLAR!!! wow!!!
and last, today was cjs 4 month appointment. His stats are Height 46% weight 19% and Head 21% Love this little family of mine


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wants to be just like mommy

My sweet Kingston is obsessed with getting his hair cut. He pulls the chair in our kitchen over everyday sits on it and starts giving me the clues as of " ok mom , I'm ready for my cut". Well we always give him fake hair cuts with daddies facial trimmers and he's a happy camper. Well Saturday morning was great, he pood in the potty and we were getting ready to go buy " big boy" undies and I'm in the bathroom blow drying my hair. Well he starts playing with the trimmer and SINCE HE CAN'T TURN THEM ON i didnt worry about it.... Well the next think I see is hair falling on the floor and so I turn the blow dryer off and the trimmers are ON... Ahhhh !!!!!I look at his hair and and he shaved it almost bald, right down the middle and off to the side!!! Oh it's so sad!!! And the worst part, I had to shave off all of it, even his rat tail I've worked so hard on:( oh man that was a sad day as a hair stylist/ mom!!!

This pic does NOT do it justice!!!!!!

Good thing he's so cute:)

And he's 3 months old

This handsome boy is officially 3 months old!!! I've been enjoying life so much I haven't had time to blog about him, I hope to do better!!! we couldn't have asked for a easier/sweeter baby! He's sleeping so great and has made the adjustment of two beyond easy!!! He's growing way too fast I just wish time would slow down! He's smiling so much and loves to watch king and all the crazy he does!!! He loves bath time and car drives and hates be left alone for too long... But he can do it for quite some time. He is working on his rolling and has done it a few times. We are seriously so inlove!!!

Can't forget about my precious king.., the light in my life!!!! I am one blessed momma! ( notice the shaved head.... We will go into that later) we are currently potty training this week, my baby is growing up too fast

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 months old

Christian has hit the two month mark. He is the sweetest baby! We love him so much. Hes starting to smile a lot and cooing a little:). The last two nights he has done a 5 hour stretch , woke up to eat and then 5 hours again.(any of you know the battle im dealing with, knows that is GREAT!!) We had to put him on a formula that is 33$ a can and the cans last about 5 days, SUCKY!!! but we would rather have a happy baby then save the cash. We went to his 2 month check up and he is 11.6 lb and 23 inches long. AND HIS HEAD IS IN THE 65%. kings head was sooo small so its funny to have a baby with a normal size head:) were in love and enjoying every second with our lil CJ... KINGSTON LOVES BEING A BIG BROTHER

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my lil cj

these are the rest of Christians newborn pics. I sure love him...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time needs to slow down.... Really!!!

Christian is one month old!!!!! I took some pics but haven't uploaded them yet so this is a lil one I got from my phone. He's the sweetest baby ever! We love him so much and couldnt feel more blessed that he chose our family to be apart of!!!

Things he likes-
Clean diapers
Cuddle time with mommy
His swing
His brothers kisses
Being swaddled
Doesn't mind the bath... To be continued
Sleeping at daddies gym

Waiting to eat
...Being cold after the bath
Dirty diapers
Having a stuffy nose
I really can't think of much cuz he's just so easy!!!! This month had been a crazy life change but cj has made it easy! He's the sweetest thing ever. Such a blessing to us. If you don believe that kids bring blessings, your crazy!!! Dave and I have noticed after both kids were born our lives were blessed, besides the obvious bundles of joy!!!! He's already so strong. He tries to stand like king did and Tries to rock back and forth during tummy time. We love you christian and cant wait to see you grow!!! We love u

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Better late than never!!!!
This was my first Christmas away from my parents and I was nervous I was going to have a hard time, but honestly it was so fun to just stay home and spend it with my lil family of 4. I never thought anything could be more fun then waking up on Christmas morning believing Santa knew what I wanted and brought exactly that to my house. Well, I was wrong! I now know there is nothing better than being Santa and watching king believe and seeing his face on Christmas morning and all the presents for him and cj. I think we went a little overboard and he lost interest a little but we had so much fun. I loved every second of that day!!!
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Merry Christmas!!!