Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And he's 3 months old

This handsome boy is officially 3 months old!!! I've been enjoying life so much I haven't had time to blog about him, I hope to do better!!! we couldn't have asked for a easier/sweeter baby! He's sleeping so great and has made the adjustment of two beyond easy!!! He's growing way too fast I just wish time would slow down! He's smiling so much and loves to watch king and all the crazy he does!!! He loves bath time and car drives and hates be left alone for too long... But he can do it for quite some time. He is working on his rolling and has done it a few times. We are seriously so inlove!!!

Can't forget about my precious king.., the light in my life!!!! I am one blessed momma! ( notice the shaved head.... We will go into that later) we are currently potty training this week, my baby is growing up too fast

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