Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wants to be just like mommy

My sweet Kingston is obsessed with getting his hair cut. He pulls the chair in our kitchen over everyday sits on it and starts giving me the clues as of " ok mom , I'm ready for my cut". Well we always give him fake hair cuts with daddies facial trimmers and he's a happy camper. Well Saturday morning was great, he pood in the potty and we were getting ready to go buy " big boy" undies and I'm in the bathroom blow drying my hair. Well he starts playing with the trimmer and SINCE HE CAN'T TURN THEM ON i didnt worry about it.... Well the next think I see is hair falling on the floor and so I turn the blow dryer off and the trimmers are ON... Ahhhh !!!!!I look at his hair and and he shaved it almost bald, right down the middle and off to the side!!! Oh it's so sad!!! And the worst part, I had to shave off all of it, even his rat tail I've worked so hard on:( oh man that was a sad day as a hair stylist/ mom!!!

This pic does NOT do it justice!!!!!!

Good thing he's so cute:)

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  1. Oh man, I haven't had to deal with that yet, but I am not looking forward to it. He is still super cute, even with his hair shaved off. Gotta love kids.