Wednesday, March 31, 2010

maternity pics

They are here and i love them sooo much. We took these last week when i was 33weeks and i absolutely love them!!! I cant wait to print them off and get them in my hands!!! let me know what u think!!!! oh yeah my amazing photographer is Lisa Vohs with Vohsphotography!!!

ha ha u cant see my belly in this one but i still love it:)
Hope fully i will have baby shower pictures to show VERY VERY soon

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last week I found myself frustrated and complaining a lot over this growing belly... not because I'm not excited, but because my comfort level has dropped even more and the "feeling of being cute" has definitely dropped. I started feeling back cramping so overall I haven't been a happy camper. I EVEN caught myself telling my husband (during one of my moments) "babe, I'm going to need u to be patient with me for the next 8 weeks because i have a feeling this is going to happen again" ha ha I'm such a baby!!! Dave has been so good with me and my MANY emotions. On Sunday i decided that starting tomorrow (Monday) I was just going to embrace this whole experience because i know its just going to get harder. So, since Monday things have been great, this whole EMBRACING thing really does work:) It takes a lot more work to be upset and frustrated than to just smile and enjoy this amazing experience. I mean a human is growing inside of my belly, that is coming into this world in less then 2 months. A human that is half of me and half of my husband. So awesome!!! We were able to take maternity pictures this week, which will be awesome memories. I was struggling to find something to wear, ya know since i wasn't feeling very cute, but luckily I started embracing before the pictures were taken so i was able to enjoy this adventure. I cant wait to get them back so i can post some! We took so many pictures yesterday that I couldn't come home and take another one so as soon as i get them i will be showing you my 33 week picture of my Growing belly.
My cute mom is coming to town this week for my Utah baby shower, that my sister in law is throwing for me:) i cant wait for tomorrow i love getting together with my friends and of course GETTING PRESENTS for my little guy. Only 7 more weeks till we get to meet him! I hope he is as excited to meet me as i am to meet him!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This past weekend i went to colorado to enjoy my first baby shower that my sister and mom threw. It was so fun to see all my cute friends i grew up with and enjoy all the cute stuff everyone got for baby kingston. I feel like i got so much stuff that I dont know what else i need but from what i hear.. i need so much more!!!! Im so grateful for my family and friends who help making this day special for me!!! 31 1/2 weeks

my utah friends:) mindi came out with me to celebrate this special time!!! shes great

have to give kingston some LOVE

love my family

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

9 and counting

9 weeks left!!!!! enjoy the pics.... dinner time no time to talk:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank heaven for week 30

Thank heaven for week thirty!!! You have finally arrived... Hope you don't last too long but I'm glad u have made it!!!! 10 weeks to meet baby Kingston!!! mommy and daddy love you and cant wait to cuddle u up:)
have i mentioned that i have the best husband in the world.. well i do:)