Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank heaven for week 30

Thank heaven for week thirty!!! You have finally arrived... Hope you don't last too long but I'm glad u have made it!!!! 10 weeks to meet baby Kingston!!! mommy and daddy love you and cant wait to cuddle u up:)
have i mentioned that i have the best husband in the world.. well i do:)


  1. You still look fabulous! Way to go girl! Wow, ten weeks left?! That went quickly. I always felt like 10 weeks left was a milemarker that meant the baby would be here before I knew it. Good luck!

  2. You look so cute Carrie! I can't wait until you have baby Kingston! He is just going to have to date my little girl (:

  3. tiniest tummy ever!

    just sayin'...

    you were made to have babies!

  4. Loved getting updated on your blog :) You look FABULOUS at 30 weeks btw! So excited for you guys! And my friend told me about some exercises to get you abs "un" separated before you start working those out again. I'll let you know about it and Dave can see if he approves :)