Sunday, February 28, 2010

more pics

29 weeks next to our new beautiful plant

a night at boondocks with Jeff, Stacey, and our flower girl Hadley

the parents to me just being kids for the night

thought i would throw this one in... 281/2 weeks

I have been feeling very uneasy lately, not quite sure what I'm feeling maybe its nerves or maybe i am just antsy for the future... so many fun things coming our way and i feel like its taking forever to get here!!! what is it going to be like! All this free time i have is honestly driving me crazy. Poor Dave gets home from the gym,working all day and I'm like OK where we going, what are we doing... He just wants to relax and sit down for a minute and I'm frustrated because i feel like i need to be doing something!!! I need to just enjoy this time where i can sit and "surf the web", or talk on the phone, or even run to the grocery store without having to bring anyone along! I cant help it i want to have a tag along. i want my little buddy here to make it hard for me to do anything(hahaha i say this now). For those who know me, I'm not one to just be OK with sitting around ADD YOU COULD SAY so i think i will do well with this bun in the oven who is going to rock my world!!! He will give me something to do so i don't have to bug my husband and ill want to just relax when Dave does:) So I'm just BLABBING because if u haven't noticed I'm in one of those moods where i wish i was somewhere(but my husband is sleeping) so let me change the subject to something interesting...
In church today they talked about our spiritual gifts that have helped others or that other have that have helped us. I loved this because its usually something small that you wouldn't think of as a talent or gift. My husband has a great gift. He connects so well with kids and athletes that he they look up to him and believe in him... My husband has had so may experiences in his life that he can talk to all types of kids and what they're dealing with in they're live, And i think that is such a wonderful thing. Dave is a strength coach and helps athletes become better athletes. He helps them become faster, stronger, and more explosive, which are the obvious but Ive noticed that he also helps kids be better kids. Dave is that guy, when the teenage kids wont listen to the parents HE SHOULD BE CALLED!!! He has a special heart and the way these kids look at him is so incredible! I cant wait to see how he will be with our son and kids! I'm a lucky girl


  1. you might be a lucky girl...but dave is a lucky guy...from how you describe him it sounds like you guys were made for each other and i am so happy that you have someone who treats you so well.

  2. You are such a cute pregnant girl.. I hope I look like you when I am at 29 weeks! I love your cute jeans too!!