Wednesday, February 3, 2010


26 WEEKS OUR CRIB IS HERE!!!(however our matress and bedding isnt all here)
we also got our changing table and like always its quite the adventure putting them together!! I am proud to say that with the crib i didnt hear one swear word:) but just with the crib!!! Also there is that picture of a kings crown which was our first item that we bought for Kingstons room and are now going with a Crown theme... so along with our cute solid brown blue and white bedding we will be accenting with kings crowns!! cant wait for everything to come and 12 i mean 14 weeks till our newest member is here!!!

i think there isnt muvh improvement from last week!!! but I did notice as i was doing abs that i think they are seperating!!! scary

This is my cute sister-in-law and her darling boy Taysom!!! LOVE THEM BOTH

This past week, we were able to go to Nianne wedding reception(daves mom). They had a country theme and it was pretty sweet!! Dave made time to dance with me and his bride of a mom and it was just a good time. Nianne looked so inlove!!!


  1. cute theme! can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  2. Way to go! His room is going to look awesome. What a cute bedroom set and theme. You still look fabulous, too.

  3. baby stuff is fun. Looks so cute! Can't wait to see it when it is all done!

  4. Carrie! Im so excited for you guys! I cant wait to see his lil face, and LOVE the name.