Monday, November 28, 2011

It's getting close

So I went to my 37 week doctors appointment and it KINDA gave me something to look forward to. Well first, I was negative for the strep test, yay, the weight gain is slowing down... Thanks goodness. But my doctor told me that if I'm dilated next Monday( because he doesn't check until 38 weeks, because it could induce labor, which I'm totally ok with) we can talk about inducing me next week... Yay!!!!!! but if I'm not, well that sucks. So I'm getting a pedicure this week a massage and whatever else I need to do. Because at this point I don't need to go into labor I just need to be progressing. It's crazy to think this could all be over soon. I wish I knew how I was feeling at 37 weeks last time. Even though I blogged and wrote in my journal it's still hard for me to really understand the emotion. Today I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I feel like my house is a mess and can never get it clean enough. Even though I'm anxious to not be pregnant I'm extremely scared to have a newborn again, along with my wild man Kingston. I'm stressing that I'll have some depression like last time.... That's not a good sign that I'm already stressed about that:). But I know I'll get through this and that this baby will totally be worth the stress. i think being induced will be crazy. Knowing when exactly this baby will be here and trying to sleep the night before...yah right! It will be a sad night for me. Excited of course but sad that it will be my last day with my first and only lil man Kingston. I hope he adjusts quickly. I love him so much... Words cant describe my love for him and the happiness me brings this family. He will be the best big brother. if I go into labor on my own with this one Like I did Kingston, I will have him this next Sunday. Woah!!! I hope my baby makes a weak sack and have strong legs like his brother... Pop that thing buddy!!! Anyways, a lot going on in the stroshine home and were all very excited/ scared for the unknown!!!! But mostly excited!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for!!!!!! I LOVE MY PEOPLE

Friday, November 18, 2011

There's always a chance

When Dave and I decided to get married and started talking about families, I told him I wanted 4 kids. He wanted 2 so we TOGETHeR agreed on 3. Well now mr stroshine is going back on his word... A little. He said he will give it two years to adjust to two babies and see how we are then, both money wise and energy wise.(Dave is a few years older than I) :) who knows what the future holds so since there is a chance this lil man is my last. It's hard to think about that because I have hope but if it is true I want to remember what I will miss about pregnancy and what I WON'T miss very much.

Sleepless nights
Heart burn
Pregnant boobies
Squished belly
Fear of miscarriage
not knowing when the baby will come
Sickness is soo much worse when pregnant
Having to pee

The excitement of the future
Gender check
Baby shopping
the first movements
The big movements
The last movements
The hiccups
The help everyone gives the the pregnant girl
The compliments of how cute you look, even though it's the last think you feel
Hearing the Heart beat
Excitement of guessing what he will look like
Dave and king kissing my belly

I'm sure I'm missing a few for both but as much as I have been complaining lately, I love this whole experience. I'm growing a real human in my belly!!!! A human that is all ours. He will look a little like me and a little of Dave. I feel honored that these two boys picked us to raise them and call them ours.
I'm now 36 weeks And officially have 28 days left, at the most! I hope these next few weeks come and go quickly, I'm ready to meet my lil christian.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 weeks left

So I'm officially 35 weeks and one, almost two days! I've felt like I'm 55 weeks pregnant this past week. Man the second pregnancy sure is harder. My energy level has dropped a ton and I am beyond uncomfortable. I have tried to enjoy these last few months and I think I've done pretty good but the last two weeks have not been fun. Besides my lil king getting sick and not sleeping, I also got sick and haven't been sleeping. I'm really tired!!! And it's only getting worse when baby boy comes. I am excited for the next couple weeks because I have things to look forward to, to distract me from this madness!!! Dave and I get to spend some time together and my whole family is coming here for thanksgiving!!!!! I can't wait for that! Also, mama Gott will be staying a few days after to help me get all ready for the new arrival. What are the chances baby will be ready to come the week my entire family will be here?!?!?! Slim to none but I would not complain. My brother never gets out here and I'm So excited for him to be here! Here's a belly picture. Sorry it's been so long. I only take them on my phone and I was having phone issues..... Anyways problem solved!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween events and baby talk

I haven't posted about My lil handsome 18 month old, can you believe he's already 18 months, or my growing babe in way too Long so here it is.
The month of october was pretty fun for us. My dad came here for the weekend and Kingston was so excited. He loves my parents and I'm so thanksful for them. He bought king a Tim Tebow jersey and king STILL whenever he sees is wants to wear it. We went to the heehaw pumpkin patch and had so much fun. (pics below). The next week we went to Colorado to help grandma gg at her shop(she owns costume shops). My sister Manda let us invade their HUGE house! it was fun to spend time with her and the kiddies. King had so much fun playing with all of porters toys. The next week was Halloween and king was a tiger:) besides being the cutest costume ever, that was his first animal sound..... Rrrrrrrrr so it was only right :) he looked so cute. We started off by going to a trick or treating day event at pinnacle. He loved every second of it. Loved getting the candy and saying Rrrrrrrr to all the employees. That night we went to the mall because they always do trick or treating there since it always is so dang cold. It was so fun to watch king in action. He wouldnt let go of his basket and couldnt get enough candy. It was a very exciting time for both Dave and I. Before we called it a night we had to stop by the cousins house and get our pics with them!!!! They have grown so much since last years Halloween picture and there is even a new addition, mr E:). That pretty much sums up October for us. We did go to kings 18 month check up and his stats are
Height 82%
weitht 64%
head 27% wahoo:)
He's just so perfect in our eyes!!!
Now for the update on baby # 2. we are officially on the count down. A little over 5 weeks left. Starting next week I will be seeing the doctor every two weeks. Man am I ready to be done. It's so crazy how much earlier I am this uncomfortable. I hate it! I have done a much better job enjoying this pregnancy, until now. I also don't think it helps that I've been under the weather for the past couple weeks. Anyways, yesterday I pulled kings nb clothes out and washed and folded them right up. The bassinet( thank you heather) is up and ready to be in use and I'm almost officially ready for my lil man arrival! He's moves so much. I honesty think it's more then king. Scares me a little:) I'm so anxious to see how he's going to look. Is it going to be another mini Dave or is he going to look like the Gotts. I just can't wait! I just know he's going to be perfect!!!! I'm going to be better updating the next few weeks!!!!

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