Friday, November 18, 2011

There's always a chance

When Dave and I decided to get married and started talking about families, I told him I wanted 4 kids. He wanted 2 so we TOGETHeR agreed on 3. Well now mr stroshine is going back on his word... A little. He said he will give it two years to adjust to two babies and see how we are then, both money wise and energy wise.(Dave is a few years older than I) :) who knows what the future holds so since there is a chance this lil man is my last. It's hard to think about that because I have hope but if it is true I want to remember what I will miss about pregnancy and what I WON'T miss very much.

Sleepless nights
Heart burn
Pregnant boobies
Squished belly
Fear of miscarriage
not knowing when the baby will come
Sickness is soo much worse when pregnant
Having to pee

The excitement of the future
Gender check
Baby shopping
the first movements
The big movements
The last movements
The hiccups
The help everyone gives the the pregnant girl
The compliments of how cute you look, even though it's the last think you feel
Hearing the Heart beat
Excitement of guessing what he will look like
Dave and king kissing my belly

I'm sure I'm missing a few for both but as much as I have been complaining lately, I love this whole experience. I'm growing a real human in my belly!!!! A human that is all ours. He will look a little like me and a little of Dave. I feel honored that these two boys picked us to raise them and call them ours.
I'm now 36 weeks And officially have 28 days left, at the most! I hope these next few weeks come and go quickly, I'm ready to meet my lil christian.

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