Monday, November 28, 2011

It's getting close

So I went to my 37 week doctors appointment and it KINDA gave me something to look forward to. Well first, I was negative for the strep test, yay, the weight gain is slowing down... Thanks goodness. But my doctor told me that if I'm dilated next Monday( because he doesn't check until 38 weeks, because it could induce labor, which I'm totally ok with) we can talk about inducing me next week... Yay!!!!!! but if I'm not, well that sucks. So I'm getting a pedicure this week a massage and whatever else I need to do. Because at this point I don't need to go into labor I just need to be progressing. It's crazy to think this could all be over soon. I wish I knew how I was feeling at 37 weeks last time. Even though I blogged and wrote in my journal it's still hard for me to really understand the emotion. Today I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I feel like my house is a mess and can never get it clean enough. Even though I'm anxious to not be pregnant I'm extremely scared to have a newborn again, along with my wild man Kingston. I'm stressing that I'll have some depression like last time.... That's not a good sign that I'm already stressed about that:). But I know I'll get through this and that this baby will totally be worth the stress. i think being induced will be crazy. Knowing when exactly this baby will be here and trying to sleep the night before...yah right! It will be a sad night for me. Excited of course but sad that it will be my last day with my first and only lil man Kingston. I hope he adjusts quickly. I love him so much... Words cant describe my love for him and the happiness me brings this family. He will be the best big brother. if I go into labor on my own with this one Like I did Kingston, I will have him this next Sunday. Woah!!! I hope my baby makes a weak sack and have strong legs like his brother... Pop that thing buddy!!! Anyways, a lot going on in the stroshine home and were all very excited/ scared for the unknown!!!! But mostly excited!

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  1. Oh Carrie, you will do great. The second one isn't as bad as you think, because you already know what you are doing. Juggling two kids is the hard part, but you know Kingston, and know how to keep him busy while you take care of baby #2. Someone told me to have something special for your first child to do, like an imagination game you play with him or a show that he loves, while you feed baby so that they aren't as bothered by you giving the new baby attention. Also, when they are both crying at the same time, meet the older's needs first. Then they don't feel like they are being replaced or aren't as important as the baby, and babies can cry for a few minutes and be okay. As far as the depression, being aware that it is a possibility is the best thing you can do for it. Then if you start to see signs, you can get help right away. You are going to do awesome. You have already done so great with Kingston, so no worries.