Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 weeks left

So I'm officially 35 weeks and one, almost two days! I've felt like I'm 55 weeks pregnant this past week. Man the second pregnancy sure is harder. My energy level has dropped a ton and I am beyond uncomfortable. I have tried to enjoy these last few months and I think I've done pretty good but the last two weeks have not been fun. Besides my lil king getting sick and not sleeping, I also got sick and haven't been sleeping. I'm really tired!!! And it's only getting worse when baby boy comes. I am excited for the next couple weeks because I have things to look forward to, to distract me from this madness!!! Dave and I get to spend some time together and my whole family is coming here for thanksgiving!!!!! I can't wait for that! Also, mama Gott will be staying a few days after to help me get all ready for the new arrival. What are the chances baby will be ready to come the week my entire family will be here?!?!?! Slim to none but I would not complain. My brother never gets out here and I'm So excited for him to be here! Here's a belly picture. Sorry it's been so long. I only take them on my phone and I was having phone issues..... Anyways problem solved!

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  1. Cute cute! The countdown is ON! WAHOOOOO!!

  2. Your so tiny, cutest pregnant woman ever!

  3. You look great! That is awesome your family is coming out for Thanksgiving. That will be so much fun for you guys.