Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving with my wonderful family.... Our family has a pretty silly tradition for thanksgiving! It starts with a GOTT FAMILY REUNION IN COLORADO(however half of the gotts were unable to make it this year) we have an awesome thanksgiving feast and then we dress up in my moms costumes and go bowling... the theme this year was DISNEY!!!! We had a great time dressing up and dancing around and bowling our "NOT SO BEST GAMES"... I remember growing up our family was split in two because my sister and I would be going to different places for our soccer tournaments, so we didnt get to do anything i have grown to love Thanksgiving so much its probably my favorite holiday!! I remember everything I happen to forget that im so thankful for!!!! I truly am blessed for my life, my husband, and family! While i was in Colorado I was able to see my two beautiful nephews that honestly melt my heart! Mason is talking up a storm and let me know he wants a BLUE present from Santa and porter doesnt just hug he squeezes me!!! I love those two and I cant wait to have a cousin for them to play with:) I had a great week.. It gets me excited for the rest of the holidays...

I also started my week 16 in the 40 week process... and its starting to pick up the pace and I think my belly is SLOOWWLLYYYYYY growing... but I think I should be grateful for that:) Our baby is the size of a avocado and officially we could find out what we are having!!!!(even though we know what SHE is:) we think hahahha

Friday, November 20, 2009


First of all I have to inform u that all day yesterday I was freaking out thinking something was wrong cuz I still havent gained any weight and that my belly isnt looking any different!!! Who knows why that was bothering me because everyday previous to yesterday I have been loving it... but I felt like I needed to eat something NOT healthy to help out the problem so I went to chick-fil-a! :) so OF COURSE there had to be a dream to come with it. I always hear about the crazy dreams women have when they are prego but I have not (UNTIL NOW) experienced it. I had 2 very clear dreams last night so ill start with the first one... short and sweet, I dreamed I couldnt stop eating fast food and the next thing I knew my belly was HUGE not just huge but MASSIVE... I woke right up and had to go check it out in the mirror! ha ha SECOND DREAM- I dreamed that we gave birth to a 8 lbs baby girl who had long blond hair with curled bangs WeLL the next thing I knew, a day later... she was 7 years old and driving Dave and I crazy, knocking everything over talking away (who knows who talk her to talk or walk cuz she was born a day ago).. well Dave and I couldnt stand her, we wanted NOtHING to do with her so we just left her somewhere one day!!! oh and by the way, I HATED HER BANGS!!! ok back to reality, I am such a mean parent! why would I ever leave my daughter cuz I couldnt stand her? ok but how the HECK did she grow up so fast... anyways, those are my dreams. I thought I would come share them before I start my day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An APple a Day....

If ur wondering why I have a delicious apple in my hand its because our baby is the size of an apple this week:) (another great idea I was given only this time it was from my cute dad)... i am 15 weeks and sicker then a dog.. i dont really understand that statement "sicker than a dog" but it works. Only my sickness has nothing to do with pregnancy EXCEPT it sure is making it hard to smash it!!! My sleep has gone from half the night to almost NONE OF THE NIGHT... and ive been keeping my poor hubby up so half way through the night I end up on the couch!!! I cant wait to get over this, so hopefully last night was the last bad night and things will start LOOKING UP!!!!! I dont think i have changed too much from last week MANDA WHAT DO U THINK? Anyways, we are excited to FINALLY be at our 15 week mark even though we still have 25 more ,we feel like its starting to moooooooooooove right along, and with all the holidays coming up hopefully 5 weeks will fly by and we will be calling our baby by HIS or HER name!!! Cute story- My sister has been watching our 2 year old nephew a lot latey, who is talking up a storm.. anyways, my sister told him "mason do u know Carrie has a baby im her belly?" and he said "yes" and she said " is it going to be a boy or girl?" and without NO DELAY he says "A GIRL"!!! thats my little man:) well I cant help but believe him because since he is only 2 he is pretty much the closest to heaven so.. I think we are having a girl!!! so exciting!!!!! Either way we cant wait and look forward to the future!!! Oh yes the last pic of dave and I is what we like to call our "SEXY DATES" ha ha nothing scandalous just what we call them.. thought we could capture the moment!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Decisions Decisions!!!

*A friend of ours gave us this great idea, everytime we go to the grocery store to buy a bag of DIAPERS... which will save us trouble and money when it gets close to delivery time! HOWEVER, we go to the grocery store like once or twice a week, so we already have 5 (1's) and a big costco box of (2's).... We have no idea how many to buy and what a good brand even is.... I would love some motherly advice!!!! IM A BEGINNER*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its official I am without any abs!!! Ahh they are gone... and I realized that TODAY when Dave took my pictures!!! But its ok because we are having a BABY:) So I had this cute idea, excuse me, I was TOLD THIS CUTE IDEA to put how many weeks I am on a post-it note and put it on my belly so when im done I can look back and know how many week I was!! So today was my trial...they might improve as the weeks go on and if I get a little more creative... anyways, I started my 2nd trimester today happy and sick in bed (how those two go together I have no idea) but im excited for all the weeks to come.. and im getting excited... NO I AM excited about my belly getting bigger because THERE IS A BABY IN MY BELLY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13 weeks!!!

Weekend with Porter and Manda!!!
I had a fun weekend getting to spend some quality with PO PO!! He is so sweet... and he did so well while mama campbell was gone... he found a friend if u can see BELOW and i named him pet NIKE( which is actually daves shoe:) what a little stinker!!! I love my sister and her new additions... cant wait for more!!!

Here is my 13 week picture update for u all... and if i can be picky for a minute, i dont love this picture cuz im sticking my BUM BUM out so it makes me look bigger:) haha but i went to the doctor today and I actually havent gained A pound:) i feel good about that!!! I also found out that I turn 14 weeks and Begin my 2ND TRIMESTER tomorrow so i will be updating sooner then u know it, so stay toon...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stupid Camera!!!

So my dang camera isnt working so I cant show u my BARLY showing belly, and my exciting weekend with my nephew PoPo... so as soon as I figure it out I will put my pictures up... But I got to spend the evening with Porter while my sister went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour, we had a lot of fun together! Porter has been in Kansas City and I obviously have been in Utah and havent been able to spend as much time with him as I wish I could, so I was more than grateful to spend the weekend with him!! AND OF COURSE MY BIG SIS MANDA!! Porter is such a mamas boy it will be fun to have a baby who clings to dave and I and calls our name like Porter does to my sis!! anyways, it was a good week and thank goodness its the LAST WEEK OF my FIRST TRIMESTER:)