Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its official I am without any abs!!! Ahh they are gone... and I realized that TODAY when Dave took my pictures!!! But its ok because we are having a BABY:) So I had this cute idea, excuse me, I was TOLD THIS CUTE IDEA to put how many weeks I am on a post-it note and put it on my belly so when im done I can look back and know how many week I was!! So today was my trial...they might improve as the weeks go on and if I get a little more creative... anyways, I started my 2nd trimester today happy and sick in bed (how those two go together I have no idea) but im excited for all the weeks to come.. and im getting excited... NO I AM excited about my belly getting bigger because THERE IS A BABY IN MY BELLY!!!!!


  1. so cute, good job! {wink, wink}

    but, seriously, you still have abs.

  2. Oh Carrie you are so funny! Some girls would kill for a tummy like that "without any abs"!! I wuv you bf!