Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13 weeks!!!

Weekend with Porter and Manda!!!
I had a fun weekend getting to spend some quality with PO PO!! He is so sweet... and he did so well while mama campbell was gone... he found a friend if u can see BELOW and i named him pet NIKE( which is actually daves shoe:) what a little stinker!!! I love my sister and her new additions... cant wait for more!!!

Here is my 13 week picture update for u all... and if i can be picky for a minute, i dont love this picture cuz im sticking my BUM BUM out so it makes me look bigger:) haha but i went to the doctor today and I actually havent gained A pound:) i feel good about that!!! I also found out that I turn 14 weeks and Begin my 2ND TRIMESTER tomorrow so i will be updating sooner then u know it, so stay toon...


  1. ummm, cute FLAT tummy! here's an idea for you, if it makes sense... on a post-it note, write how many weeks you are EVERY WEEK from here on our, like "13 weeks" "14 weeks" and stick the post-it-note ON your tummy so when you're all done, you'll have a whole collection stating how many weeks you were...it's cute when you're all done.

  2. oh yes good idea! ill start today:) thanks jane

  3. That little Po Po man sure is a handsome one isn't he? You are too cute with your belly care! I get to tell you that for like 6 more months! YEAH!

  4. So cute. I just love reading blogs and seeing pics. I guess I better update mine soon, huh?