Friday, November 27, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving with my wonderful family.... Our family has a pretty silly tradition for thanksgiving! It starts with a GOTT FAMILY REUNION IN COLORADO(however half of the gotts were unable to make it this year) we have an awesome thanksgiving feast and then we dress up in my moms costumes and go bowling... the theme this year was DISNEY!!!! We had a great time dressing up and dancing around and bowling our "NOT SO BEST GAMES"... I remember growing up our family was split in two because my sister and I would be going to different places for our soccer tournaments, so we didnt get to do anything i have grown to love Thanksgiving so much its probably my favorite holiday!! I remember everything I happen to forget that im so thankful for!!!! I truly am blessed for my life, my husband, and family! While i was in Colorado I was able to see my two beautiful nephews that honestly melt my heart! Mason is talking up a storm and let me know he wants a BLUE present from Santa and porter doesnt just hug he squeezes me!!! I love those two and I cant wait to have a cousin for them to play with:) I had a great week.. It gets me excited for the rest of the holidays...

I also started my week 16 in the 40 week process... and its starting to pick up the pace and I think my belly is SLOOWWLLYYYYYY growing... but I think I should be grateful for that:) Our baby is the size of a avocado and officially we could find out what we are having!!!!(even though we know what SHE is:) we think hahahha


  1. What a fun family tradition! How cool. You look awesome!

  2. what a cool family tradition...looks like you guys had a blast