Friday, November 20, 2009


First of all I have to inform u that all day yesterday I was freaking out thinking something was wrong cuz I still havent gained any weight and that my belly isnt looking any different!!! Who knows why that was bothering me because everyday previous to yesterday I have been loving it... but I felt like I needed to eat something NOT healthy to help out the problem so I went to chick-fil-a! :) so OF COURSE there had to be a dream to come with it. I always hear about the crazy dreams women have when they are prego but I have not (UNTIL NOW) experienced it. I had 2 very clear dreams last night so ill start with the first one... short and sweet, I dreamed I couldnt stop eating fast food and the next thing I knew my belly was HUGE not just huge but MASSIVE... I woke right up and had to go check it out in the mirror! ha ha SECOND DREAM- I dreamed that we gave birth to a 8 lbs baby girl who had long blond hair with curled bangs WeLL the next thing I knew, a day later... she was 7 years old and driving Dave and I crazy, knocking everything over talking away (who knows who talk her to talk or walk cuz she was born a day ago).. well Dave and I couldnt stand her, we wanted NOtHING to do with her so we just left her somewhere one day!!! oh and by the way, I HATED HER BANGS!!! ok back to reality, I am such a mean parent! why would I ever leave my daughter cuz I couldnt stand her? ok but how the HECK did she grow up so fast... anyways, those are my dreams. I thought I would come share them before I start my day!


  1. Hahaha, those are great. Pregnancy dreams are weird. You should totally keep telling us about them, unless they are scandalous, which pregnancy dreams can be.

  2. hey can i get ur address...can you email me it- i wouldn't want you to paste it on ur or my blog...