Friday, November 13, 2009

Decisions Decisions!!!

*A friend of ours gave us this great idea, everytime we go to the grocery store to buy a bag of DIAPERS... which will save us trouble and money when it gets close to delivery time! HOWEVER, we go to the grocery store like once or twice a week, so we already have 5 (1's) and a big costco box of (2's).... We have no idea how many to buy and what a good brand even is.... I would love some motherly advice!!!! IM A BEGINNER*


  1. I would get a couple more of size 2 & 3 and call it good. You never know how big your baby is going to be and how long they are going to stay in each size. You don't want to be stuck with a whole bunch of diapers that your baby can't use anymore. It is a good idea and you will be grateful you did it, but I wouldn't buy a whole lot more. Also you have to take into account that you will be getting some as gifts as well. Maybe only buy one bag or box a month or something.

  2. you need at least a couple small packages of "newborn" size, it's nice to have them really fit well when they are tiny...

  3. I'm laughing at this post, because we just went through this! We have a new baby girl, who is actually 5 months old now. But I too wanted to stock up and wasn't sure how much of what sizes.

    I agree with Jane, you need at least 1 or 2 bags of newborns. Probably not too much more than that because they grow so quickly.

    My baby is on formula (as oppossed to breastfeeding my other 3) and she doesn't poo as often as they did and so she doesn't have to be changed as much. {TMI???}

    But after a couple bags of newborns we went through about 5 bags of size 1 and then 3 or 4 of size 2 and now we're in size 3. She's a giant chunky monkey in the 95% too. We've gone through 3 bag of size 3 so far and I don't think she'll be moving out of them too quickly.

    All the bags I bought were the jumbo bags of Luvs diapers with 80 or so diapers.

    Congrats and good luck! ... Hope you don't mind me stopping by!

  4. Hey we did the same thing! We have a ton of boxes! The birthing class said they go btwn 8-12 times a day for a few months. We will let you know how much we use and what sizes since ours is coming just around the corner!

  5. I use pampers- they are my FAVORITE! Just because it doesn't leave "diaper beads" on them after a whole night of wetness. I wouldn't buy any more 1's or 2's. As far as newborn size- that's up to you. I have BIG babies (8.12 and 9.2) so I don't know if I even buy those? You may just want to hold off on the rest of the diapers (or only get one box of each size) until your little one comes (although, if you buy too many, it's not like diapers expire- so you can always save them for your next one)... That's a hard decision though, I just always buy them when I need them- less stressful to me that way... PS- if you leave your email address in a facebook message to me I'll invite you to my blog :) Then you and Dave can see everything going on with us :)

  6. I love the costco brand. All the name brand one we pout Ava in she always leaked out of!

  7. HEY!!! So glad i found you! congrats!!! i am way excited for you...hope all is well and that we can keep in touch...