Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Santa!

Dear Santa,
I come to u today because I have just realized that it is December 1st and I haven't made my Christmas list. This year has Flown by so fast, and so many great things have happened to me. Since last Christmas, Ive got engaged and married to my best friend in the world. He proposed on new years eve in Park City, we had a 4 month engagement and then got married on April 11 in the Salt Lake Temple. The next morning we went to CABO SAN LUCAS for 5 days to relax and enjoy the start to our married life... Since we have been married we have gone to Colorado 3 times, Cleavland, California, and Vegas! Any thing I could have asked for in a husband I now have with Dave! He has been my road dog, best friend, companion, lover, and true treasure! About 3 months ago we found out that we will be expecting our first child in May! This year has truly been the best year of my life!!! I have always wanted to be married and a mother and early next year I will be both!!! I think of everything possibly thing I could want for Christmas, but I think that since my year has truly been filled with nothing but PURE joy and happiness I could only ask for a little of your help with a few special people in my life! I know that you are better at clothes and toys but if You know who to talk to for these hard times please give them this list!!!
1. I want my aunt and uncle to work out there marriage and become happy again
2. I want my brother his girlfriend to get married so they can be a REAL family for Mason
3. I want my best friend to find true happiness and know how special she is and to not hurt anymore.
4.I want my moms hip to be healed and so she can recover and get back to her NORMAL self.
5. I want anyone I know who spent Christmas last year alone wont have to this year...
6. And last, I want a healthy happy baby that I can love with, play with, talk with, cry with, grow with, and laugh with as long as I am on this earth!!!!
*thank u Santa for listen to my list and we look forward to another beautiful Christmas!!!


  1. Carrie, you have such a beautful heart. May all your wishes come true. I can't wait for you to be a mommy. Emily Hill

  2. I was discussing your little grape with Jord's family while we were in Idaho for the holiday, and an unanimous decision was made that it will be so cute! You get to find out so soon what you're having and I can hardly wait. I also hope that all your Christmas wishes come true!