Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am starting to feel really restless and getting really excited for our baby to come, only one problem... WE STILL HAVE LIKE 161 DAYS LEFT and we don't even know what we are having yet. Yah that's like FOREVER!!! I'm pretty sure in the month like 6 ppl I know have had there babies and my belly is barley even showing... Things are starting to pick up don't get me wrong but I just am so excited and anxious to meet our precious babes!!! I try to not look at baby bedding or maternity clothes because it makes my heart race and reminds me how long we really have.. soooo I need to know some activities and things to do to make the time go by faster. I would love to set the room up and get it all ready but we are going to move before our baby comes so anything that involves baby room shopping or anything like that I have to ignore until we move. Our house is too small for one more thing in this house!!! I have "what to expect when Ur expecting" but I'm not trying to read too far ahead, SO I NeeD SOMe HeLP I'm going CrAzY!!! I just want to snuggle with my baby!!!!!! AHHHh


  1. hahaha, you are so cute. I don't know what to tell you. Once you know what you are having, you could start making the scrapbook pages. Then once the baby is born, all you have to do is stick the pictures on and write a little something about the picture and boom, your done. I wish I would have done that. But right now, I don't know what to tell you.

  2. Carrie you are going to be such a good Mommy! You love your baby so much already and once he/she is here you won't even be able to explain how much you love him/her. I am so happy for you. You really are an amazing person and you and Dave are going to be such good parents. Passing the time with the first pregnancy is really hard when it's just about the only thing you can think about all day everyday nonstop!!!! Slightly annoying yet SO exctiting!!! By the way I love your blog I think it is great! You should send me your email address to and I'll invite you to mine.