Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This past weekend i went to colorado to enjoy my first baby shower that my sister and mom threw. It was so fun to see all my cute friends i grew up with and enjoy all the cute stuff everyone got for baby kingston. I feel like i got so much stuff that I dont know what else i need but from what i hear.. i need so much more!!!! Im so grateful for my family and friends who help making this day special for me!!! 31 1/2 weeks

my utah friends:) mindi came out with me to celebrate this special time!!! shes great

have to give kingston some LOVE

love my family


  1. Oh Carrie! I feel just sick about not being there!! You are so beautiful, I am so happy I found your blog so I can keep up with you guys better! I love you to pieces!

  2. Man those are some super cute pictures, especially the ones of you and your family. I love your outfit. You look so cute! I am excited to come to your baby shower out here.