Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick catch up

So much has gone on the last couple weeks i feel so bad i havent stayed up to date with my growing boys. Cj got rsv and we spend about 2 days in the hospital but thanks to my husband and brother in law , who gave him a beautiful blessing he was able to get out of the hospital and recover quickly. King is just talking away, trying to say anything and everything he can! he loves the grouch and starting to like movies(like happy feet). With the weather being so nice we have been able to go to the park and feed the ducks. he loves that. Also, i upgraded to an Iphone so he loves doing face time. He cries every Time we have to leave. Cj's reflux is getting a little better. HE is the master of spitting up!!!! he just eats sleeps and smiles. Honestly the sweetest thing ever. Im so thankful for my boys and the joy they bring to this House.
ON sunday was Easter, Obviously, but it was also a special day for us. Dave gave Christian a name and a blessing! Im trying not to be bias but seriously my husband Gave the most beautiful blessing!!!!!!! King loves easter so much. picking up the eggs and cracking them open to see what he got... the easter bunny even brought him a DOLLAR!!! wow!!!
and last, today was cjs 4 month appointment. His stats are Height 46% weight 19% and Head 21% Love this little family of mine



  1. You have such a beautiful family. Sounds like a wonderful Easter Sunday. I'm sorry you sweet baby had RSV. That must have been rough on everybody. You are such a good mom.

  2. Oh my beautiful family!!! I love and miss you so much! That CJ sure is looking more and more like you Care! I LOVE it! And I love that King has a brother to play with! I best they will be the best wrestle buddies ever! Counting down the days to see you!