Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time needs to slow down.... Really!!!

Christian is one month old!!!!! I took some pics but haven't uploaded them yet so this is a lil one I got from my phone. He's the sweetest baby ever! We love him so much and couldnt feel more blessed that he chose our family to be apart of!!!

Things he likes-
Clean diapers
Cuddle time with mommy
His swing
His brothers kisses
Being swaddled
Doesn't mind the bath... To be continued
Sleeping at daddies gym

Waiting to eat
...Being cold after the bath
Dirty diapers
Having a stuffy nose
I really can't think of much cuz he's just so easy!!!! This month had been a crazy life change but cj has made it easy! He's the sweetest thing ever. Such a blessing to us. If you don believe that kids bring blessings, your crazy!!! Dave and I have noticed after both kids were born our lives were blessed, besides the obvious bundles of joy!!!! He's already so strong. He tries to stand like king did and Tries to rock back and forth during tummy time. We love you christian and cant wait to see you grow!!! We love u

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