Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freezing in FLORIDA

For christmas this year Dave and I decided to not spend the money buying eachother gifts and we would just save the money and go on a trip to SUNNY FLORIDA, as our last getaway before our little man comes! Well we made it to Florida but the sun didnt join us! It was 35 Degrees in Orlando Florida, but that didnt stop us from going to Epcot and we loved it!!! We kept talking about how fun it will be when Kingston can join us:) Because of the weather and most of our activities were outdoors, we spent a lot of time in the hotel (when dave wasnt at his training conference, which is how we got the idea to go) and hanging out!!!! Still fun but SOOOOOOOOO SOOOO COLD!! oh and as i promised my 22 WEEK pic! TOMORROW IS 23!!!


  1. I wish my tummy looked so tiny! The great thing is the weight will come off right after you have that little one. You look beautiful and congrats!

  2. You are so lucky! I love Epcot and Disney World. I'm sorry it is so cold. That stinks. But that is a great idea to save your money and go on one last trip before you have a baby. You look great!

  3. bummer it was so cold, but it looks like u guys had a blast