Wednesday, January 13, 2010

23 and counting

Like I promised I have more belly pictures to show since I am a whole week bigger and really A WHOLE WEEK BIGGER!!!! Kingston is kicking soo much and I LOVE IT!!!! Today my sister-in-law Heather and I went to BABIES-R-US and registered it was fun and im go glad she came with me because I would have had no clue of what to do or what I needed! So now I just have to get these showers rollin' and then MR. Kingston is welcome!!!! Oh and I apologise for lack of effort with the post it notes with the date, since our move i have misplaced then and dont really think of getting more when im at the store!!! Next week will be better:)
On another note my mom had her 4th surgery yesterday and we are hoping that this is the final surgery!!! All her medal was put back in and she is feeling pretty good. I love her so much and she is been such a ROCK during this whole disaster, I will keep u posted on her progression and Recovery


  1. Yay for being getting registered. It is so fun. You look great and I am so glad that your mom is doing well so far. We will keep praying for her.

  2. I love you sis and your little belly too! ah yeah!