Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sorry no pictures

Unfortunatly I will not be posting a picture this week because although I am officially 22 weeks today I am too tired to take a picture and download it tonight, SO to my sisters who are the only ones that care IM SORRY!!!! However I will take one tomorrow, we are leaving for florida till next week. But let me update you a little! We are all moved into our house and I love it!! We also bought new bedding WHICH I ALSO LOVE!!! Everynight before bed I read The secrets of the baby wisperer and put headphones to my belly so kingston can enjoy some classicial music:) Dave has been so great always talking to our little man through my belly and downloading music for him to hear! ( kingston that is) Last night, Kingston listened to the music for about 40 minutes and when I turned it off he started kicking and being VERY active!!! so Dave was able to feel kicks for the first time and he was able to get a small idea of what I feel everyday! And last yes my belly is getting bigger and u will notice by my next picture!!!


  1. ur sisters are not the only ones who care. love being able to see how you are doing! what a great moment for you and dave to share! hope you have a good and safe time in Florida

  2. What do you mean your sisters are the only ones that care!!! I guess that makes us sisters because I CARE!!!

  3. Wow, you sound like you are doing awesome. Florida, a new home, new bedding...what a lucky girl. And, yes, I care as well what you look like.