Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Im officially "nesting"

Yep its true I have been nesting... This week I started washing all and I mean ALL of Kingston's clothes and towels and blankets etc... I also bought some cute little baskets to organize all his little misc items that I have no place to put. It was fun organizing and feeling like I'm getting close to the end. Today we got the travel system from my parents and its so Perfect. We are going to put the car seat in the car and set it all up JUST IN CASE! I told myself that when I turned 36 weeks that I would put together my hospital bag and now that I'm here I think I'm still a little early so Sunday I'm going to do it:) that sounds better to me. However I got Kingston's diaper bag all ready to take to the hospital. Oh,, By the way I LOVE MY DIAPER BAG. My husband went above and beyond and got me a Really nice one from Nordstrums. I'm going to be a stylish mama with my cool bag and cutest little stud.
side note... I hope I keep this nesting thing up after kingston is here.. I have some ideas for MY ROOM
now on to to reality... Pregnancy is rough, or at least its starting to get that way!!! Last night I i slept sooo bad I couldn't believe it. I was so crampy and achy AND SQUISHED! It was not fun and I'm really hoping that its not how the last 4 weeks are going to be. Hopefully it was just a bad night. And today was rough as well! For some reason I only have tough days on my day off.. why cant it be when I'm supposed to be working so I'm not wasting valuable time with my husband(if your my client its nothing personal, I love my job) anyways, my belly is GROWWWING at a rapid pace and I almost to the point where I am about to say... I'M DONE-but I'm not there yet....GETTING THERE, maybe by my next post, hopefully not but MAYBE!!!!!
36 weeks =28 days (give or take)


  1. Wow, look at you go! They say that labor is right around the corner once nesting sets in. You better get that bag ready soon. :)

  2. I am so excited for you! Suggestion: the only way I was comfortable sleeping was with lots of pillows....between my legs, one to rest my arm on and so on. Also a fan blowing at me really helped. Occasionally when nothing seemed to work I would go sleep on the couch (sorry babe) where I only had my body heat and you have the back of the couch to hold you up constantly. Hopefully it was just one rough night but sure enough you will have more. Hope this will help you! Can't wait to see pictures of Kingston!!!