Friday, April 9, 2010

35 weeks and Easter

I cant believe I only have 5 weeks left till our precious babies here..... HE BETTER BE HERE!!! I'm a little late updating because this has been quite the week. On Wednesday, which is when i usually update, Dave went in for surgery... we didn't know when the surgery was set for. Weird i know but we pretty much were on call! So since Dave couldn't eat all day we had to keep his mind busy so he wouldn't think about food. We ended up going into the hospital at 5pm and didn't get surgery till 10pm!!! Pretty much we had a lot of time on our hands. We took the picture in the room:) waiting for it to be our turn. Anyways, after a long wait at the hospital he had a great surgery (on his shoulder) and only needed to be scoped. He now has 6 weeks in a sling and then 6 weeks of rehab... Were hoping that by July he will be able to play golf and enjoy some of the summer. But hes doing great I'm so proud of him:) date night(thought i would throw that out there)

So this is on Easter Dave woke up and painted this shelf for baby Kingston's room and wanted to get it up and ready before his surgery... I was very thankful! Easter was so great for us... Kinda our first Easter married because last year on Easter we were on our honeymoon. So I stressed about starting our traditions. I cant be having my husband go to work and hearing all the fun things his clients wives did and have nothing to brag about... so this year I started small but I did something and each year will get a little better! Dave woke up to a Easter basket with all his favorite treats and then he made us waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and then for dinner I made(wink wink) a honey baked ham with green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, and rolls!!! It was a great dinner... Dave's dad and brother came over to enjoy my home made meal:) Easter was a success.... oh ya except the 3 hours of contractions I had! don't worry NO BABY YET... but it made us realize things are close. I went to the doctors and no weight gain this check up:) baby is getting bigger, blood pressure and the heart beat are perfect!!!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know he was having shoulder problems. I hope it gets better quickly. 5 weeks! That is so close. Good luck. Enjoy these last weeks. I found myself missing being pregnant sometimes after my babies were born (I even thought I felt a baby move sometimes). It is such a special experience. I know those last weeks are hard because you feel so big and awkward, but it really is such a short time of being a mom. Cherish the moments. Plus you look fabulous so don't worry about looking what you look like. :)