Thursday, April 22, 2010

37 weeks

**Lets start with a side note.... please don't mind my Beautiful smiling face!!!!!
So I made it to the 37 weeks mark and to be honest I was welcomed with bad news.(I'm dramatic) I'm now going to weekly appointments and had my strep culture. As far as that everything is golden( or at least I haven't gotten a call yet so I'm imaging its OK). However, after that we started talking about my delivery and when I'm due. Well, my due date started out at may 14th then went to the 12th so at the appointment he said to leave it back at the May 14th BUT, he doesn't think i will deliver till the 18th or 19th but will let me stay pregnant till the 24th BECAUSE THEY DON'T INDUCE ON FRIDAYS!!!!!! Not exactly what i wanted to hear!!!! He also shot down my idea that full time hair stylist deliver early. :( so now i think I'm going to be pregnant for ever and Kingston is going to be the first human to grow up inside of me!!!! and I'm going to stretch out and be squished FOREVER!!!!! The one good thing about my doctors appointment was that he told me my baby is in position and has dropped a little that if I happened to deliver he would be OK and ready:) . I don't think I'm quite ready to be honest. I think Dave and I need another week or two but if I go over, THINGS WILL NOT BE OK ANYMORE.

sorry about my negative note. I am still happy and Love this baby inside me but as cute as he is in my belly I bet he is ever cuter in my arms! and I'm still enjoying this adventure


  1. Yay! You made it to the safety zone. I always felt like I could breath easier when I reached that point in the pregnancy. Even if I didn't have all the clothes washed and ready for the baby, everything would still be okay if I did go into labor. Kim says that on her due date she would just climb on her tread mill and just walk until she went into labor. So there is an idea if you do go over. Don't worry, there is an end insight.

  2. You are going to make it and be just fine. With paige my due date of August 20th came and went and I was so mad that I took a black permanent marker and and scribbled out the 20th. She came seven days later. Ugh. GOod Luck. You are going to be great. love ya.

  3. you do not look like a happy

  4. You're so cute Carrie! Good luck and hope that all goes well with the delivery!