Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Birthday Week

The weekend before my birthday we went to daves old stomping grounds to cleaveland ohio. It was my first time there so Dave has the best time taking me around to all his old spots:) then I had to have a little kid birthday party so we invited a bunch of my friends and went to jump on it... and it was soo fun( ps im going to be better about updating this thing:))


  1. That "jump on it" place looks like fun!
    You are so beautiful Carrie! I miss you lots. We still need to have lunch or dinner or something with the old gang ha ha. love ya!

  2. i would love to do lunch... girl i dont know how to add u on this so it shows u and nate on my page... any help:)

  3. I would totally have a party there. It looks like a blast.