Friday, October 30, 2009

A Lime.. OUR BABY Is the size of a LIME

12 weeks
So yah i did take this picture myself but it was needed to me done today and so... a girls got to do... u know the rest:) So i have been feeling better lately and its been pretty nice. I have noticed that my belly is getting a little bigger, NOT HUGE but besides the fact that its softer then it used to be, now all my abs are slowly fading:) still i dont really show with clothes on when i lift my shirt at the end of the night.... things are changing!!! Our baby is the size of a LIME this week and i love it.. i feel like a lime is HUGE, what about when its 40 weeks and im a pumpkin... ahhhh!! ok ok one week at a time
*8 weeks till we get to see what we are having!!!!! hopefully things will pick up fast!


  1. Look at that, you can almost see that you are showing. I think you might have to squint though. You still look fabulous. I am glad you are feeling better. I love the Halloween costumes. You guys are so cute. I bet you have so much fun.

  2. thanks girl.. i feel like i showing more then just a little:) kinda freaking me out

  3. Hey congrats to you too on the baby! How far along are, you 13 weeks? When is your due date?
    Yeah we are having a honeymoon baby i am 13 weeks along and due May 14th! You look so happy congrats again on the marriage and the baby!