Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crib tent

Last Wednesday Kingston climbed out of his crib for the first time. It was a very overwhelming thing for me. I'm just about 27 weeks pregnant and planning on 2 babies in cribs for about 6 months.... But nothing ever seems to be so easy does it?! So anyways, we bought a crib tent hearing nothing but good things about them. I was sad that we had to take it to that level but I was NOT ready to fight Kingston every night in a toddler bed. We got the tent on Friday and that night wasn't so bad, however, every other night and nap from then on have been HELL. I can handle crying and a little fight but Kingston would not only cry but the second we would put him in it he would jump up as fast as he could and try and Block the zipper so we couldn't do it up. He would even scream like he was scared for his life, a completely different scream then we have EVER heard. So last night after an hour of convincing I put him in, planning on not zipping it up, thinking maybe this will be better. The second I put him in I walked fast to the door to shut it and leave and as I'm shutting it I look and he has superman jumped out of the crib head first. That is not normal!!! This crib tent is either haunted or my poor little man has so much anxiety about it it's making him crazy. I hate the thought that I have been torturing him for the last week and didn't even realize it. So today I woke up feeling calm( which is a first since this has happened) and knowing that it was time for a full blown BIG BOY BED!!!! Well we've done it. Tonight my Kingston is officially sleeping in his own bed. Were starting out with just a mattress because he's such a crazy sleeper we thought we would start as low to the ground as possible. We went out and bought him cars bedding,which he picked out and he is NOW sleeping in his bed. I cannot believe it!!! I know the night probably isn't over but I think king will do better this way. And his bed is big enough so I can lay with him too:)
I have 13 weeks to get this under control before the new babes will be here and I will be successful!
This is such a bittersweet feeling for me. No more crib. My 16 month old is no longer a baby... I know I've said that before but NOW I'm serious!!! So sad!!! I don't want my baby to grow up this fast:(
time to go and check on him:) wish me luck with this new adventure!!!!

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  1. Oh man, how scary. I am sorry you have had to deal with this. Put on the plus side, he is sleeping in a real bed. I guess they kind of let you know when they are ready to move on. Beckett refused to sleep in his toddler bed and would sleep on the couch that was in his room instead (I don't blame him, that couch is one of the most comfy couches to sleep on, and that toddler bed is the most uncomfortable bed). So we decided to move the couch out and put in a real bed. He loves it. It is sad to watch them grow up.