Monday, September 6, 2010

Part one

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to " my best friends wedding". Literally! I was the maid of honor and so grateful for that chance to share that time with her. My gf mind Lou( the brides maid) and I threw her a bachelorette party (pics to come later) and then helped her friend a with her shower. And then flew out on Thursday, to Philly, then drove to Delaware where we met up with the bride and groom. Not to mention i left my baby kingston with gigi and papa for 4 days. Friday was their luncheon then we got on the road and drove to dc. But not with out stopping at Delaware's hot spot WAWAs... Pretty much a gas station with no gas. ... Dc was 2 hrs away from Delaware, so it was a fun road trip. As were driving on the freeway out of nowhere the dc temple pops out and it was the most beautiful sight. Quote from Jen" if I wasn't Lds seeing this would make me want to be". So we hung out in the hotel and next morning min and I got Annie all dolled for her day, and Jen snapped her shots. We were so late to the temple that I almost missed her wedding. It started at 10 and we were supposed to be there at 9:30 ... We got there at 10:10 and I literally was running through the temple so I would make it:) I did!!!!! pHEW... The sealing was amazing. We finished pictures and then We're back on the road to head to Delaware for the reception. The reception was at Kevin's parents house and it was so beautiful. There was so much love their that night, and although min and I were just soooooo sleep deprived we could help but love and enjoy every second of this weekend.... We are in the process on catching up on sleep now;) the wedding was awesome and for my first time of the east coast I would say it was beautiful! We embraced the humidity and tried water-ice(it's like Italian ice) all in all, it was AMAZING! Congratulations to annie and kevin slaugh

Saying goodbye for the weekend to my baby

Welcome to delawar

Eye brows went a titch dark

The bride and groom

My girls

My and mrs slaugh

Stunning... Photauged my me

The most beautiful temple

To hot for her own good

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  1. Oh no you didn't girl! My eyebrows are all better now k? ha ha!!! That's for sure blackmail! Good thing I love you so much!