Monday, May 17, 2010

round one

If any of u know me I love taking pictures and getting pictures done. I could hardly wait for our little Kingston to be born so we could get our family pictures and Kingston's newborn pic taken. Well we get there and little Kingston wouldn't fall asleep, now of course he was asleep the whole ride up there but the second we got there his beautiful eyes opened and stayed open. We tried to put him down to get the cute pictures where hes naked on his belly but he wouldn't have anything to do with it, besides the face daddy thought we were being mean to his son for making him be cold and naked. so, we decided to take some family pics. Dave hates pictures so by that time he had decided he wouldn't be in any of them. Luckily he changed his mind and we were able to get 3 good shots. We then tried to do some shots of him naked on his belly again and it wasn't a success and Dave was getting a little upset that we just called it a day. these are the 3 pictures i got of the little stinker(s).

We did do a round 2 of his newborn pics and daddy wasn't invited. However, the story isn't much different. We were there for 3 hours and got 2 different poses!!!! I will post them as soon as i get them but sad mom didn't get the one she wanted:( no baby with his crown... ill have to do that another time. Good thing his name is Kingston forever


  1. So cute!! I Love them... newborn pictures are the best! & I am glad Dave changed his mind too, he'll be glad in the long run that he got some pics. with him!! They are adorable!!

  2. Those are so cute. I hope you get the one of him wearing his crown soon. That will be so precious.

  3. gorgeous pictures of you and your tiny family carrie! can't wait to see the other ones