Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 weeks later

Kingsons Likes:

-has to keep his hands by his face always

-loves to lay skin to skin with mom and dad

-likes to sleep with mom

-loves when dad rocks him

-after nurcing loves to get all cozy with moms (food supply)

-make funny faces

-long car rides

-sleeping on his side/tummy

-loves his snuggy

-to go potty as many times a day as possible

-pee through his diaper


-taking baths

-being cold

-getting dressed

-changing his diaper

-laying on his back

Mommys favorites:

his silly faces

his smell

when he lays on my chest he wiggles his way up my chest to my neck:)

cuddling him

when i see daddy calming the fussy babe

staring at him

his naked body(of course)


when i cant figure out whats wrong with him...

nothing else hes perfect

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