Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birth story

Monday the 5th of december, my doctor to,d me he would induce me Thursday the 8th. So I tried to get as ready and prepared as possible. I pretty much just stressed myself out and drove my whole family crazy. So Thursday comes around and I wake up at 640to shower and head to the hospital. Our plans for king fell through last minute so Dave stayed home with king until my mom got in town to take over. Walking into the hospital all I could think about was remembering my experience with king and how overwhelming it was. I almost lost it right as I was walking in. I got in got the iv and things started rolling about 9 am. They gave me the epidural and started me at the same time so I never really had it rough!!! However, it did take the dang doc 3 times to stab me in my back to get it right. Judd, my doc came in at 1 to break my water and then said whoever u want to be here u better call them cuz you have 30 minutes... Crazy!!!! I called my mom and she booked it! In that time my epidural wore off and I was feeling contractions so strong I wanted to die!!!!!! 30 minutes later I recharged the epidural and Judd was back in the room and 5 minutes later Christian was here!!! It was like 4-5 pushes. This go around was so much more relaxing and I was able to enjoy the experience. Right as he was coming out the nurse told me to look Down and I saw him come out:) he hardly even cried. He was just so content. Absolutely perfect!!!! Weight in at 7.1 and 19 inches long. He didn't even cry during his bath. He's been just as sweet since he's been home. I loved the entire experience. He's wonderful. King loves him and keeps saying baby baby!!!!! And tries to say cj:) it's so cute!!!! We are so blessed and thankful Christian chose us:)... Enjoy the pics


  1. That does sound pretty easy. Way to go Mom!

  2. Judd delivered my babies too--I love him, and I LOVE orem community hospital. I'm assuming thats where you delivered? I'm glad everything went so well, you have a beautiful family. congratulations! :)