Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picture THIS

So Ive debated putting these up because i am as MUCH of a beginner as there is... and everything ive learned is from you tube playing around and my good friend kt, thanks girl!! Anyways, ive always loved photography, getting my picture taken and taking pictures, So Dave finally caved and bought me a fancy smancy camera and some photography lessons. So for my first Official shoot i went to colorado and wanted to get some pics of the GOTT FAMILY Grandbabies. 4 kids under 4 and 3 of them boys... yah I like a challenge. But turned out great and i had so much fun!!!! im hooked...
anways, here they are.. im not a pro by any means but please feel free to give me a little or a lot advice. Either way i sure love my new hobby.


  1. Those turned out really good, and of course the subjects couldn't be any cuter. Keep it up. Maybe you can practice on my kids?

  2. Carrie you did sooooo good. No weird fake lighting, no FLASH out side, not over edited, I knew/know youdbe good! I still cant friggin figure out the clone! Youre already teaching me things! xoxo

  3. looking good...on amanda's little girl turn her more to the side so the light falls across the face and fills the each eye with light. Watch for hard shadows! If you are getting them use the white blanket to reflect light from the dark side of her will fill some light in.