Sunday, July 31, 2011

At the Farm...

Last week we went on a family day date to the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo. King has a fun time. We fed the goats and King rode on the pony, twice and even went to jail. Its so fun seeing our little man grow up and get excited about this. Hes so into animals right now its crazy. All he wants to do is read books about animals. He see animals and starts to growl like a tiger,
Except when he sees a dog or a duck then he says "duh duh". When he rode the pony he started to roll his lips to sound like a horse. Honestly gives me the butterflies to see my lil handsome grow up. I'm so proud of this kid!

This picture of Kingston on the pony MIGHT have been when i realized he "had the runs" all over him the pony and a little of me..... feel sorry for the kid that got stuck with that pony after us!!!!


  1. hahaha, that is hilarious about "the runs". Kids are awesome. What a fun day!

  2. He is so cute, I can't believe how blonde he had gotten!