Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guilty pleasure

I have an addiction and it is called reality tv. I thank MTV for this love for drama dirty pleasure. And now it's spread all over the tv world and I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love it all; teen mom, jersey shore, 16 and pregnant, real world, Khloe and lamar, keeping up with the kardashian, bad girls club, LOVE IT.... But never have I been into the bachelor/bachelorette.... Until NOW. I only gave it a chance because I've had a handful of friends/ clients that have talked about the infamous Bentley. Saturday night I couldnt sleep so pulled out my iPad and on my abc.com was episode 3. Holy moly!!!! My life has been changed! I haven't been able to stop talking about mr playboy...Playboy for some many reasons. Handsome? um, to say the least Player? Possibly, but good at it Yes!!!!!my mouth was wide opened the entire show besides the times I has to swallow of course. Sucks to be Ashley. I feel bad for the girl. She genuinely liked maybe even loved bentley but little did she know he wasn't even feeling close to what she was feeling. I feel sad for the hurt and the heartbreak she felt. I feel sorry for her that she was played soooo good by mr playboy and she had no clue until she watched it on national tv... Or did she... He's coming back next week and my guess is that he let her know he's not into her and never was... Move on sister!!! I can't help but just laugh because the fact that it is tv. however, mr bentley lives in Utah and I have friends that know him or his family... So that makes it a little more reality. I hope he feels bad for the things he said. Maybe he meant them and that's fine but the way about it.. Not cool. I know he's embarrassed and wish he never went on the show. But he has been getting threats to his work, and hate notes to his ex wife( like she has anything to do with it),loss of customers at his work, and crap talked about his family. OK people take it easy!!! Hate him all you want but leave him alone. I'm sure he feels dumb enough. I feel like I dated a guy just like him and maybe that's why I laugh but really bentley you are good!!! Glad it wasn't me but really, your good. The good thing is whoever he date won't hear what he really thinks bc there arent any cameras... Thank goodness. Anyways, hopefully I can move on from this and get back to my reality show of everayday life but I had to get it out there one last time and never talk about it again. As much as I feel her pain.... Like i said before, Bentley your good!!!!!! Glad it wasn't me!!!!:) ok now I can fall asleep watching mob wives:)... I need help

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  1. haha, I don't watch the Bachelorette either, but I have heard about this guy. That is sad that people are reacting the way they are. Yeah, he needs to realize that that is not okay, but come on, saying things to his family and his ex. Like they have control over it.

  2. Carrie you are too funny I think you took the words right out of my mouth on what i was thinking... Next week is going to be interesting. I do feel bad a little but he knew it was going to be on tv so why would you be that stupid right, anytime you go on national television and say those things its going to cause some problems. Anyways glad your as obsessed as I am.