Thursday, March 3, 2011

All the tape in the world

Besides the fact that I was a total die-hard soccer player. Scratch that..... Because I was a die-hard soccer player I didn't really have time to Mess around and have a ton of hobbies. I'm very grateful for my ability to play soccer, because I think it kept me out of trouble(for the most part) and my very best friend were on my team. So I wanted to have something that was just my thing. Some will collect pins, or ha ha actually I don't even know what you people did for fun. Soccer was my life so I don't know what people would do or collect. So as I've mentioned, soccer was my life and everyday after practice or the games I would take the tape off of my sock, which held my shin guards up and threw it away. What a waste of good valuable tape. So I decided to make a tape ball and put all that good tape to use. I think I started it in 8th grade. Boy has it grown. I remember rolling it over my dads toe, just image a bowling ball rolling on your toe... Yah!!! And putting it in my soccer bag and having it totally weig it down. Ha ha great memories with my tape ball... Anyways, I was home this weekend and found it:) I had to take a picture...

Wow that's a lot of tape:)

Let me add that this thing is freaking heavy;)


  1. That is pretty awesome. What a cool momento from your soccer days. I don't think I collected much of anything, just stuff.

  2. Ha ha the best part is you'd roll it over your dad's toe!! Why is this so not surprising to me about you Carrie!! I love you! Ha ha!