Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our kings blessing

On august 1st, kingston had the opportunity to get a fathers blessing from Dave. It was the coolest experience thus far that to see such a special thing. Dave was a little anxious and secretly a little scared but he walked into the circle with lots of faith that he would be inspired to see what he needed to for Kingston. It was such a beautiful blessing;) Kingston blessing was centered around strength. Strength in his mind, in his bones, in his heart, and his muscles(of course):) after the blessing was done I asked Dave if he felt the spirit and he said" I felt something:)"he said from the second he stepped in the circle he knew the spirit was there for him. Such a great ways for Dave and kingston for share a special bond! For saves first blessing, I would have to say I can't wait for the next one:) I love my family

Here's come cute pics I got from our special day
*not to mention how sweet and pure my little angel looks in white

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