Saturday, July 24, 2010

12 weeks and smiling

Today our little kingey is 12 weeks and might i add that he is that happiest baby there is:) he smiles all the time. Even when go in to get him up he wines a little to get our attention, and then as soon as i make eye-contact he smiles smiles smiles:) i love to see this boy smile!!! There have been a few times that im trying to have a serious conversation(on the phone) and kingston is just smiling awat at me!!! makes it hard to have a serious anything. He really is our sngel on heart guiding our family!!! such a blessing

The little king onsey i got was from a friend/client. Her friend creates and designs they and WE LOVE OURS:) thanks jane:)
12 weeks likes
activity pad
standing up
going swimming
when daddy comes home
when mommy sings to him
trying to roll over (hes done it 3 times)
lifting his head up
going on bike rides
going too long without eating
cant think of too much because hes so great!!!
we love u baby k