Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day


I feel so blessed to have this man as my Father. He has been the best example of what a father should be!!! I can remember all the funny things we would do together... like in the summer we would be wearing shorts and try and slap the inside of our leg as hard as we could, dont know why but always got the biggest kick out of that.... also, all the funny things he says like, "are u flippin me off" and when i heard him in the shower singing " u can find me in the club, its going down"! haha all these things make me laugh so much! If u dont know my dad then u honestly are missing out on a person who seems to leave footprints in ppls lives!!! i dont think this man knows how much he has affected peoples lives!! I love u papabear

and my amazing husband who is celebrating his FIRST fathers day:) He didnt grow up with the example i did for a amazing father but has taken his life experiences and has become the best dad a child could ask for! He loves coming home and waking Kingston up(when it took me forever to get him to bed) so he can see him and give him kisses! He always talks about playing catch with our kids. Hes already getting ready, he went and bought a little buggy for the back of our bikes for Kingston to ride in.... unfortunately Kingston is to sold on the idea yet!! might be a little young right now. anyways, im a lucky girl to have the dad and husband i do!!! love u both

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